Bluetooth audio on embedded hardware

I would really like the bluetooth-alsa project to get far enough along to really shine on embedded platforms. gumstix is the perfect little device for working this out.

Completed items



Bluetooth 1.1 CSR Module

The avantwave class 1 module is here. The specs are here and the specific model is btr140-h4-921k. Now I need to connect it up. I'm going to get access to hirose pins through the tweener vias (tweener also has a 3.3v converter which might be usable when I try a class 2 module) hciattach times out complaining about no connection. I have a newer module so I'm likely to spend additional effort getting it to work.

1-attached an mmcx post here for an external antenna
514gpio35steal GPIO from ffuart for btr140 active high reset
732 gpio50module uart rts->hwcts (asserted by module)
834 gpio51module uart cts<-hwrts (asserted by gumstix)
933 gpio49module uart tx->hwrxd (asserted by module)
1035 gpio48module uart rx<-hwtxd (asserted by gumstix)
15-1.8v using a voltage regulator (digikey MCP1700-1802E/TO-ND or NJM2845DL118TE1CT-ND) for a max 161mA
6,16303.3v using voltage regulator for max 161mA
113.3vsynchronous serial (active low) do we use synchronous??
18pcm clock
24gnd (dual boot fn)
25pcm out
26pcm in
27pcm sync
42-rf ground (also surrounds pin 1)



PSKEY_HOST_INTERFACE values are 1 (BCSP), 2 (USB), 3 (H4) so I thought we need 3. In the end it was unnecessary to change this.

PSKEY_INITIAL_BOOTMODE (x3cd) should be 4 for HCI H4. It's shipped set to 3 for USB.

PSKEY_UART_BAUDRATE (x1be) should be x1d8 for 115k or xebf for 921k. The default was 115k so I left it alone.

It seems that PSKEY_HOSTIO_MAP_SCO_PCM (x1ab) should be 0, equivalent to the old "pskey mapsco 0" command. There is no x1ab key and hciconfig hci0 revision indicates SCO mapping: HCI so HCI must be the default routing.